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A Touch of Sparkle

February 15, 2014 12:42 pm Comments Off on A Touch of Sparkle

‘Spotless’, ‘pristine’ and ‘immaculate’ are just some of the words praising the exceptionally high standards of cleanliness at Hillfield Village. So how do they do it I wonder? I tracked down Housekeeping Manager, Julie Hyne to learn a few trade secrets.
How do you maintain such high standards?
We have a very strong team of 14 housekeepers working this season, ensuring we maintain our high standards. There’s an artist, a teacher, a swimming instructor among them and they work here because they enjoy it, and because we look after them.
How does a a busy changeover day work?
The team clean the properties and I’m the runner. If anything’s missing they call me on my walkie talkie. It’s more efficient this way. I lose about a stone in the summer running about the place!
What makes an excellent housekeeper?
Finishing people – they are the ones with an eye for detail. The checkers. They are very hard to come by. You can’t teach a cleaner finesse, it’s built into them. I suppose I am a bit of a perfectionist, and I have worked for top quality hotels, a private family and I ran my own cleaning company.
Essential cleaning kit?
Eco cloths used with this new amazing window cleaning polish we have discovered. A toothbrush, to get under the taps and clean the grout, and cold water for stains on the carpet. Warm water sets the stain.
What keeps you awake at night?
Thinking did I check that? Did I pull out that drawer, look on top of the wardrobe, miss a cobweb?
Do you have a favourite property?
The sunlight is just wonderful in Vantage Point, and it’s simple to clean. You just lose yourself in there. It’s peaceful. Just lovely.
Favourite time of day?
Sometimes in the summer I come in early in the morning and have a cup of tea in front of the house just as the sun rises over the valley. It is heaven to be here. It’s not like a job.
What give you most pleasure in your job?
Making a property look as if no-one has ever been in there before. I know I have done a good job when I get a lovely remark from a customer. To know something is immaculate is the icing on the cake.

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